Always keep the faith.

Finally here is my Time-based Artwork - Supercut of My Heart Will Go On Live Performances by Celine Dion from 1997 - 2013 !! ^.^

First and foremost, I thought there is tons of live performances about this legendary song which I can find and utilize easily. But eventually the answer turned out as NOT. So all the usable live performances of this song have been used to produce this supercut after finished all the research which I can do. There are 18 live performances have been used in this project. 

Then, the software that I used to do the supercut was the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I was having so much fun (and maybe a bit emotional ?! >.<) when I was doing the editing and there are some challenging parts that I have faced. 

For instance, I have to make the best choice of every single shots out of so many scenes  (it’s always the hardest part for an editor at the very beginning), the different videographic aspect ratios which need to be edited since the traditional TV aspect ratios is 4:3 (before 2002) but nowadays it has become 16:9 for HDTV (after 2002), and the sound of different locations also have to be adjusted to create a better sense in terms of listening. Ultimately, the most important thing is to make the editing looks seamless and runs smoothly.

So, the sources that I used for my time-based project as listed below:

1. NBC Show 1997

2. Oprah Show 1998

3. Rosie O’Donnell Show 1998

4. MultiShow 1998

5. Pavarotti & Friends’ Concert 1998

6. Canada Concert 1998

7. Divas Live 1998

8. Oscars 1998

9. Grammy Awards 1998

10. Millennium Eve Concert 1999 

11. Paris Concert 1999

12. Larry King Show 2002

13. World Children’s Day 2002

14. A…New Day in Las Vegas 2007

15. Taking Chances World Tour in Boston 2008

16. Dancing with the Stars 2011

17. Celine Dion in Las Vegas 2012

18. CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2013

Hope you will enjoy it !! ^.^

Can you see&#160;?? 3D Image by using cross-eye&#160;!! &gt;.&lt; Haha

Can you see ?? 3D Image by using cross-eye !! >.< Haha

Supercut of OSCAR Speeches - “Uhmmmmm” !! >.< Funny

Finally my time-based artwork is done !! It is about Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On Live Performance ‘Supercut’ from 1997 to 2013 which is spanning more than one decade (16 years). So, lots of video clips are utilised to produce the time-based visual media and here are some snapshots which show the sources that I used for my project. 

Sources: CCTV’s China Spring Festival Gala 2013, Las Vegas Show 2012, Taking Chances World Tour 2008 & A New Day… 2007.

MEGA Narratives&#160;?! Four generations in one photo &gt;.&lt; 

MEGA Narratives ?! Four generations in one photo >.< 

"We Are Here"&#160;!! The show of CREATIVE IMAGE COMMUNICATION is coming soon in this coming November at 202 - The Cave&#160;!! &gt;.&lt; 

"We Are Here" !! The show of CREATIVE IMAGE COMMUNICATION is coming soon in this coming November at 202 - The Cave !! >.< 

Supercut of Rebecca Black’s every “FRIDAY” !! >.<

~ The unsinkable hit for all time ~ Love theme from Titanic ~
My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.
I have listened to this song for thousand time within these two days !!
Whoa !! But finally…DONE !! >.<

So &#8230; lol dog&#160;?! Haha &gt;.&lt;

So … lol dog ?! Haha >.<

lol cat&#160;!! Opsssss haha &gt;.&lt;

lol cat !! Opsssss haha >.<

Datamosh ^.^

Datamosh ^.^

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Glitch of &#8220;nature&#8221; ~

Glitch of “nature” ~

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Glitch !! Animated >.< 

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What a colourful world that we have&#160;!! &gt;.&lt;

What a colourful world that we have !! >.<

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I am still thinking what to do for my time based project…

But the first idea that pop out in my mind was my super idol — Celine Dion, one of my favourite singers in the world who I have admired since 10 years ago. Her emotional and powerful voice has really amazed me from the very beginning of her debut song “Where Does My Heart Beat Now” and even until now, the new song “Loved Me Back to Life” from her latest English-language album which will be released at the next month.

Undeniably, her signature song “My Heart Will Go On”, the love theme song of the 1997 blockbuster film “Titanic”, is the most renowned song that can be recognised by most of the people. And it is also the song she performs the most in her concert or live show. Thus, what I am going to do is to make a supercut of all of her live performances of this song from the past to present. I think it will be a very good collection since it is a legendary song of a legendary film.

P/S: This is the live performance of her signature song “My Heart Will Go On” at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas during 2012. Hope you enjoy it !! ^.^